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Royal class are having a great term! We’ve learned lots of new things and had a load of fun doing it!

In Maths so far, we have been doing mental subtraction. Now we are doing our times tables! The ones we have done are the threes, fours, sixes, sevens, eights and finally nines. We’re now using these times tables to do division.

In English, we finished Marcy and the riddle of the sphinx .Now we’re onto the king, who banned the dark it’s all about a little boy and he’s afraid of the dark, but this little guy was a prince, and when we became king, he decided he was going to BANN the dark. We’re writing newspaper reports to support the king on his deadly plan.

For our class reading we were recently reading the land of Roar but now we’re reading secrets of a Sun King where a girl called Lillian has to go to the mysterious adventure to the great land of Egypt, to return a mysterious jar to a tomb which no one has been in in since the ancient Egypt times but there’s one thing stopping her Mr Carter and his friend is trying to search for Tutankhamun‘s tomb.

In Guided reading we started doing Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot then we were doing famous buildings around Europe. Now, we’re doing A Note on Wolf Wilders. I wonder what we will do next!

This term in music we’re doing Glockenspiels in music and we’re doing D-E-F-initely, Mardi Gras Groove and a duet. We haven’t really practised the duet that much, but we’re doing quite well so far.  D-E-F-initely is really easy and that’s the one we had most practice on.

In Topic were learning about how Tutankhamun died we were lucky to go to Bristol Museum and search the ancient Egyptian area we also had a super cool workshop there where we got to look at ancient Egypt artefacts and try to guess where they were from in ancient Egypt we also learnt about a woman called Amelia Edwards, who was an archaeologist and searched ancient Egypt for mysterious treasures in the 19th century after the workshop, we got to explore the gigantic museum our favourite part was probably the ancient Egypt part. It was so cool. Miss Tonner told us some artefacts and some people had to find them. At School, we wrote fact files about how Tutankhamun died. we drew a map of Tutankhamun‘s tomb as well.

In Science, we are doing magnetism we did an experiment were trying to find which metals are magnetic, and which metals are not magnetic we also did an experiment about flying paper clips and we actually flew one. Gravity pulled the paper clip down whilst the magnetic field was pulling it up. We made the field grow by adding more magnets. We made compasses by magnetising a pin and floating it in water.

In Computing, we are learning how to code with MicroBit and make games such as heads up, rock-paper-scissors, a dice and name tags. It was really fun making them. Some of us continued our fun at home on our computers, but we didn’t use a real MicroBit because we didn’t have them.

This time in outdoor PE, we are doing netball/handball, we are learning lots of fun skills with Mr Tovey and Mr Parker.

In PE, we are doing an Egyptian dance, and we’re deciding one together with all our amazing dance moves. We don’t know the whole dance yet, but we will soon!

By Matthew and Emerson


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