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Trip to Bristol Museum

The artefact that I liked the best was the head rest as it was interesting to learn what they used for pillows in Egyptian times.  The most interesting thing in the Egyptian area was the mummies.  Sophia

The best bit about the Egyptian room was the real mummy. Edward

The artefacts that I liked in the workshop were the tools that they used to build the pyramids, they were fascinating.  The most interesting things in the museum were the mummies and the pictures on the wall. Effie

My favourite thing was the Egyptian spirit level, as they used a triangle with a bead on a string to measure the level of things. Alice H

I thought that the most interesting items in the Egyptian museum were the canopic jars because I had no idea that they had animals on top of them.  Rory

The most exciting part of the museum was the sarcophagus lids because of all the details on them.  Elfie

What I enjoyed about the Egyptian museum was the area where the mummies were.  Penelope.


We have been learning about times tables and to figure them out we have been using Numicon and cubes and all of us together figured them out. Oliver B

In maths we have been learning the 3 and 4 x tables.  We have been using counters and Numicon, then we drew them on our whiteboards. Lilith

I have enjoyed listening to the times table songs it really helps me remember them.  Laith

Creation Garden

Me and Daisy worked together and we made sure it was not too wet and not too dry.  Sophia

I really enjoyed painting the rise and fall and I also enjoyed writing about it.  Alyd

I liked planting the seeds it was really fun, I planted sunflower seeds in the pots and I made sure that they weren’t too wet.  Orla

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