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Cyan – curriculum of the week
In maths we are adding hundreds, tens and ones.  The year 3’s have been working on the hundreds tens and ones and sometimes bridging into the thousands. Year 4’s however have been working very hard in the thousands column and sometimes just the hundreds.  Over the past few weeks we have been doing rounding to the nearest ten, some found it challenging but all of them have been working very hard.
In English we have been writing advertisements to lure people to Egypt.  We watched some advertisements which really made us want to go on holiday but then instead we worked with a partner to write our script for our own advertisement. We had to make sure we were using our brilliant and imaginative descriptive words.
We have been learning the lyrics for ABBA – Mamma Mia – but also we have looked at others, Super Trooper, Dancing Queen, Waterloo and Winner Takes it All.  We have been singing beautifully and getting better over the weeks.  Last week we got some glockenspiels out and played along with the Mamma Mia song, which was really fun.
By Elfie
In science we have been mummyfying apples in different things. We had to predict which apple would be preserved the best.  We have used Radox bath salts, icing sugar, salt, sugar, sodium crystals and our control jar just has fresh air.  The best looking one so far is salt as it’s dried out and a little bit brown.  The Radox bath salts was the worst, it was completely dark brown and mouldy.  Some of them were really disgusting, the icing sugar was runny and others smelt really sweet.  We are going to look at them each week until half term.
In English we have been  making fact files about the Egyptian Gods because we are reading the book Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx, and Marcy needs to know about the gods.  We were given fact sheets to find information and then we had to write our fact files in our own words.
In PE we have been learning handball.  It is really fab and we got put into different teams each week so that we play different people. Also in PE we have been doing gymnastics.  We have been making routines with balances and spins and somersaults. We got into pairs to make our routines and then show the class.
By Lilith

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