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Cobalt newsletter w.c 9.10.23- Viney, bikes and printing…

Amelie: I found Viney Hill a very big adventure- setting myself challenges that I have never done before. When I believed I couldn’t, I pushed on and persevered. My result and opinion of the trip was it was a 10/10 and that memory will stick in my head forever. 

Jasper: This week I passed Bikeability and I got my badge and certificate. Gliding along the road with my friends, knowing that when I got back I might pass, felt wonderful. Printing was fun and satisfying. When you pulled off the piece of foam that you printed with, felt so mesmerising and rewarding. I was very pleased with our three colour print. I am looking forward to doing an Aztec one next.

Elsie: I loved Viney Hill – it was an adventure packed into three days. It felt like I could do much more than when I started. If I could I would go, there again. My favourite activity was the ‘Leap of Faith’ – it was scary but when I did it, I was super proud of myself. I will remember that forever.

Poppy: At Viney Hill, we did abseiling. I was really scared at first but once I did it, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. The second time I ended up going down with Dottie. It was an amazing experience and we ended up laughing down the cliff most of the time.

Andre: I loved Viney Hill because it was challenging. The most challenging thing was biking because of the massive hills we had to ride up. There were millions of times I wanted to quit but I persevered and even got up the hill in no time. I would give it 8.7 out of 10 – less mud would take it to a 10 ! There was a really, really hard challenge which was sleeping in a room with Corey! #talksalot

Bella: In printing, we were having goes at making our own designs. When it was my turn, I did my first and second print and the bin bag I was wearing got really painty!  I was very pleased with what I achieved. My second one was definitely better than my first. That is a day I will never forget.

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