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In science we have been learning about materials. And testing them  on several different experiments such as dissolving and mixing different materials with water and timing how long it takes to disappear, separating materials using sieving, a magnet or a piece of filter paper etc.  Most recently we’ve been seeing what insulators or conductors are best for keeping ice cold.


We’ve been reading a book called Tom’s Midnight Garden and seeing what similarities characters have, writing descriptions on the garden, acting out scenes, writing letters to characters and writing poetry.


In Maths we have been learning about place value and rounding to the nearest th/tth/hth/M

(thousands,ten thousands,hundred thousands and millions)

We did a maths escape room where you had to find the password to the phone using negative and positive numbers.

History (topic):

Our topic this term is about the Aztec and Maya civilizations.  How they came from countries like Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador.  They built floating islands that were built up from the bottom of the lakes which they called chinampas and they used the chinampas to grow their crops.  We had a go at making our own chinampas using mud and water.  It was very messy.  Did you know that the number zero was originally from these civilzations? Cacao and maze were from there too.


In are art topic we’ve been learning about Sybil Andrew.  She works with mostly watercolor but also she does printing

We tried doing some printing so we got a foam sheet and pushed a pencil on top to make a dent.  After that, we got some printing ink (or acrylic paint) and rolled it on the foam so we could see the dent and then we pressed it on a piece  of card to get the artwork.

Spelling and Grammar:

As well as practising spellings, we’ve been recapping nouns, adjectives and verbs

(including collective nouns, abstract nouns, proper nouns and ordinary nouns).


We have been cycling on the public roads round the street.We do stop/start,signaling and bike checks.

We have had a great first term as year 5/6 and we hope to have a great year too.

By Emily B

Since the start of our new school year, we have been considering what is a Scientist? We have carried out a range of experiments all linked to Materials. We have learnt new words such as: absorbency, solubility, solute, solvent, solution, thermal insulators and separation. We have tried to bring our scientific thinking to each test and to keep the variables the same so it is fair. (Cobalt class on behalf on all 5/6)

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