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1.Reception have been busy settling into the swing of things by exploring one of our favourite books ‘The Colour Monster’. It has given lots of opportunities to talk about feelings and emotions and we all really enjoyed thinking about what makes us feel happy.
2.There has been some fantastic mark making happening in our Reception classrooms this week from name writing to shape drawing and even some very special treasure maps!
Report from the Front Line:
This week’s maths in Reception has been all about 2D shapes. During our circle times we have been exploring a variety of 2D shapes including squares, triangles, rectangles, circles, pentagons and hexagons. We have been learning about the language we can use to describe shapes including points, corners and sides. We absolutely loved our ‘What’s in the bag’ circle time game where the children had to guess what shape was hiding inside our mystery bag based on my description of it. Needless to say the children won hands down, Mrs Jankowska will have to try even harder next time! Leading on from this it was amazing to see the children continue learning in their continuous provision, choosing to trace around some shapes to make pictures, or going on a shape hunt around the classroom. A fantastic start to their learning journey, well done.

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