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We can’t believe the year together as a Royal class is almost over!


In maths we have been learning about time, also we’ve been learning about measurements and how we can measure lengths, mass and capacity and we have learnt that intervals on a clock are one minutes. Also I can now tell the time perfectly like the whole class.


In English we have been writing a letter to a supermarket in complains of plastic and trying to make them change their ways to other sorts of materials. We’ve been trying to get their attention to use less plastic. We’ve been making a T-shirt bag with the T-shirts we don’t use anymore or like our dads T-shirts so we’ve been making them so we can carry items and it’s usable for every day.


In science we have been learning about states of matter and we have done lots of fun things including biscuit bashing, CO2 balloons and liquid racing. The CO2 balloons was 2 g heavier than the normal balloon filled up with the one with the normal air had two less grams heavier than the normal balloon.


In topic we made a questionnaire for our parents to answer they did pretty well and most of them were pretty positive. We didn’t really get a five on anything because there is so much plastic on the field from scrapstore and sports equipment so we want to do something about it and maybe put more recycling bins around.


In reading we read why The whales came. It was really good because it was a adventure story was about a curse of a island it was a fiction. And it was the best story all year I would say!


In computing we have been doing questionnaire for are parents to answer so only 16 parents answered which was pretty good to be fair, But we didn’t get a five which answered the next question. We got lots of parents saying actually all the parents saying they seen lots of single use plastic.


In music we learnt violin on every Thursday on this Thursday we are going to perform in front of a couple of classes. We also learnt the Glockenspiels with Mrs kettle we have been practicing for such a long time.


So in sports sports morning we did 40 40 in football, handball, tigers and hockey it was so fun football and handball and hockey I won one of the rounds out of 2 rounds I really didn’t want to be it and in football Bicycle kick it chipped it into almost top bins!

Trip to Gloucester waterways museum

On this amazing event we went from a museum looking at all the artefacts and objects that they use and require for the use of the museum. It was very cool because we went from the whole museum out on a boat and learned loads more about rivers.

By Arthur & Cody

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