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In Cyan Class we made bags from old T-shirts, you could choose to have tassels on your bag or not. In maths we have learned about kilometers, meters, millimeters and mass. In art we have been using stencils and have designed our own to make posters. In science we are doing states of matter. In English we have written poems about plastic waste and made bags by recycling t-shirts. In french we learnt how to say some fruit in french . In PSHE we learnt to eat healthily and to not take sweets from the cupboard because it might be medicine. In geography we did plastic pollution and made sculptures out of plastic. We also do quiet reading in our class. If we finish our work early, sometimes we go out for an early break. 

An example of a poem from our class: 

One Plastic Bag

Black mud bubbling

Round the dump

While the smoky mountains

create more

The children collect it up

In small baskets

Our houses are made 

of wood

Our homes are cold

bugs fly through

Everyone’s sick

just like the sea.     

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