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In Midnight Class we have been enjoying our daily run around the track. We are getting fitter and fitter and some of us can run round the track three times which is about a mile. We have also been enjoying having our fruit and milk in the wildlife area.

A few weeks ago we enjoyed making faces out of fruit and vegetables and scrap after looking at the artist Archimboldo. In PSHE we talked about healthy eating. The Reception children made fresh fruit salad and theYear 1’s made a Fruit Yogurt Breakfast this term.
We have found out facts about cows. We know they are mammals, they have four stomachs, they graze and roam on the common, they have personalities and they make friends. The Reception children have enjoyed observing the cows on the common during Outdoor Learning. We have painted cow heads and drawn cows. Our retell this term is Farmer Merryweather’s Cow. “I liked seeing the cows roaming because they looked funny. They eat the grass when they are grazing. We saw them walking past us. There was a baby calf. They were going under the trees in the shade. We saw the cows drinking.” Jago
This week we enjoyed Sports Day.
“Sports Day made me feel like it was a big PE day. I liked the zigzag race but the best one was the monkey crawl race because I was really fast. My team was good, we worked together and I just had a great time.” Finlay
“At Sports Day I won the running race and my favourite part was when we had to do the hat and scarf race. The Cats were a good team because we did a high five when we got back.”

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