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This term we have been working hard and having lots of fun in Azure Class. We start the day with deliberate and retrieval practise for SPaG and maths. Here we are practising writing graphemes, matching contractions, matching suffixes and sorting words into nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives. Outdoor learning on the common was glorious. We sketched the buttercups and hunted for minibeasts. Do you know how many petals there are on a buttercup?  A group of young scientists decided to investigate this question. They made a tally chart of their findings. Most of the  buttercups they checked had 5 petals, less had 6 and they even found one or two 7 and 8 petalled buttercups.
Also this week we have been writing stories about a magic pebble. We painted our pebbles and even wrote a postcard to King Charles about our adventures.

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