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Sky Class


In English we’ve been writing  stories. We were read Kidnapped by Pie Corbett to inspire us. We were allowed to either continue the story, retell it in your own words or change it. We did it on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It was fun because we had some freedom of what to write, not just the usual things we do. Also for a treat as the year 6’s were a way we were allowed to use pens! Although we were only allowed to use blue and black. This weeks English was really fun.

By Lucy G


During maths we have been doing all sorts of things like on Monday and Tuesday we did some murder mysteries and they set your mind to do other things. We found it very interesting to do something other than Do it  and Twist it . Furthermore, we thought it was very fun. On Wednesday we were doing an escape from the labyrinth challenge.

By Amelie L


In  music we have been doing, we’ll meet again. We had half the class singing, two of which did singing  duet (which was brilliant). A quarter of the class played the glockenspiels. There were also a flute and a violin. We performed with other year 5/6 classes in our VE day celebration. It was great fun and everyone was brilliant.

By Lucy G

Outdoor P.E

In outdoor P.E we have done tennis, tag rugby and volleyball.

Most of us like P.E because we like sports and running around. 

It is fun when we do P.E with the other year 5/6 classes because I get to do P.E with my friends .

Indoor P.E

In indoor P.E we have been doing the Lindy Hop which links to our topic which is WW2. We performed at our year 5/6  VE day celebrations. It was great fun and we did it with the other year 5/6 classes.    

By Harriet H


In science we have been doing all sorts of experiments such as using yeast, seeing what food it does not like, as well as it does like. We used plastic bags by putting some different foods inside to see if the bags expanded or not as the yeast made carbon dioxide gas. It was great fun and one of our favorite experiments that we have done so far in Sky class.

By Amelie L       

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