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In art we have been studying figurative drawings. We have drawn miniature models in lots of different positions. Bill Brant and Henry Moore have inspired us, we have copied some of their most famous drawings and learned lots of facts about them and their lives. 

In our most recent lessons we have learnt to  draw the human body. We have mastered the proportions and know that the head is measured about ⅛ of the whole body. 


We have  been learning about World War 2. We have also been looking at letters and pictures  of evacuees and their struggles in life. In class we have shared stories about our families in WW2, here’s one of them

Once there was a boy  he lived in a very small house with lots of siblings. When he was about twenty years old he became a famous jockey and the news of war spread. He was forced to fight in the war so he brought his horse to take the cannons to the fields. One day in the middle of the war he got injured by a bomb but his horse shielded him until an ambulance came and took him away to the hospital, because of his injury  he decided to work in a horse hospital, where a few years later he met the very same horse that saved him. After he finished work in the horse hospital he became a  carpenter. That is an amazing true story. His horse must have a bond with him.


We’ve been looking at Goodnight Mr. Tom by Michelle Magorian. We are reading it as our class book and also looking at it in English. It has an added bonus that it links with our topic – world war two. Also we’ve been writing the diary of Mr Tom, one of the  main characters in the story. Because we are keen to show off our skills we have sneakily added plenty of complex sentences and adverbial starters.

We are very lucky to have gaps in between lessons when we manage to slot in some class reading, afterwards we get into some guided reading groups and look and talk about some of the questions provided.


 We have mostly been looking at multiplying, adding and subtracting fractions. They all have different levels of difficulty and we have recently found out that despite how difficult multiplying fractions sound we discovered how easy they actually are, the year 6s have also been dividing fractions and quickly grasped the concept.


(Physical education)

In P.E we have been playing tennis. We have been hitting and passing the ball between each other. Mr. Tovey and Mr. Parker has been leading us and making the sessions very fun. We have worked on hitting the ball  with accuracy into a goal.


(indoor physical education)                                                                                                    In indoor P.E we have been testing our flexibility. We have been using gymnastic moves to travel. As some of us go to a gymnastic club others don’t, so we have spent a lot of time going over forward and backwards rolls. We perform our routines at the end of the session to show everyone what we have learnt. 


In science we have been looking at space and earth.We are planning on creating  paper mache planets to decorate the classroom. Earth and space is a very popular conversation/debate point astheir


This term we have a new D.T topic. We are making bird-boxes. Firstly, we have filled in a sheet of how big it is  going to be, what it is going to be made of and the   decoration. We were talking about how it was going to be practical. For example, we can’t have really colourful boxes because then it will attract predators and bird feeders will attract other birds. In our most  recent lessons we have looked at and searched up blue tits, house sparrows and starlings. Soon we will get to make this incredible project. 

By Lucy Varley, ELsie Hewett & sophie Smith YR 5/6

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