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In Royal class we have had a very exciting term and done lots of brilliant things.

In English we have written our own versions of The Clocktower. It has been fun because we have learned how to do setting descriptions and we can go wild with are stories!

In Maths  we have been doing the column method for like Addition and Subtraction.  We have just learned column multiplication and now it is so much easier to do harder maths questions thanks to the methods. We think it makes maths so much more fun now because everything is a lot easier to work out!

In DT today we’re going to be making Fairground rides with electrical circuits. As well, we are using glue guns and sawing many kinds of wood to make frames and boxes to make a fairground ride so it’ll be like a flying chair swing!  They’re really cool!

In Science we have been learning about how to use electrical circuits.  We’ve made diagrams that have lots of components like batteries, motors, connecting wires, light bulbs and Buzzers.  We have also been having fun with static electricity.  We can also make fans work at the same time and make them turn in different ways by turning the battery around which is very fun!

 In PE we have been learning how to use apparatus and dancing or travelling to the music as well to different rhythms across them.  We use the wall bars, tables, benches and mats to go across the room and do different balances on numbers of parts of the body.   We do different exercises like forward rolls. I love climbing on the wall bars.

In Swimming we have been learning many strokes like Breaststroke, backstroke and front crawl. It is very fun as it allows us to get exercise.  We do it in Stroud at Stratford Park and it is our last lesson today!  Without a doubt, Thursdays are now one of my favourite days because we get any lunch!

In French we have been doing many things like playing games like “guess where Coco is” and songs which help us learn the language.  We love French because we have our folders to record the new words.  It helps our learning and when we go to different countries we can know how to understand what they say!  French is one of my favourite subjects!

I am now so much better with my reading because we do so much of it! We have now finished The Firework Maker’s Daughter and the ending was brilliant!  We’ve also been doing Guided reading lessons which is when we answer set questions of a certain book.  We have been doing The Wolf Wilder, The Building Boy and Krindlecrax.

 Next Term we will be performing our Year 3/4 production and we’re really looking forward to it!

 By Newsletter writers,

Hattie and Oliver

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