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In science we have been learning about the solar system.  The Earth is spinning on its tilted axis. One full spin takes 24 hours. The Earth is also orbiting (circling) the sun. It takes 365 1/4 days to orbit the sun. Because the Earth’s axis is tilted, for half the year the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun. This is the reason why we have spring and summer. For the other half of the year, the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun. That gives us autumn and winter.  The opposite is true in the southern hemisphere so 21st June in Antarctica is midwinter’s day there, while 21st December is midsummer’s day.
In history we are finding out about World War 2 by using primary and secondary sources.  I prefer history to science.  Recently we looked at primary sources (letters, school reports, objects) to find out about evacuees.  Evacuees were children who were moved from towns and cities (which might get bombed) to the countryside which was safer.  Children came to our school in 1939 as evacuees!  We’re going to find out more about them…

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