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Here are a few things that have happened in Sapphire Class these past few weeks.
We’ve been having a great time learning about Scratch and how to make animations as well as fix any problems that may happen. We now know how to add in background images, animate ‘sprites’, which in our case would be mini Viking ships, and add in our own audio. We’ve created a map which shows the Viking invasion of Great Britain. They’re pretty cool!
We had a week of learning about lines, 2D shape and 3D shape which ended with us making our own models of 3D shapes using nets. Some were quite simple to do while others provided a bit of a challenge!
We’ve been learning our times tables starting with the 3x and working our way through others like 4x, 6x and 8x. We’ve been given lots of time to play with equipment where we show what the times table looks like. We’ve built towers showing the pattern using unifix or Numicon. It has been helpful for us as we can see the pattern of the times table. It is important that we know the times table in and out of order so we have lots of questions given to us to make sure we can do this. One of our favourite parts of the lessons is when we get to sing a song linked to the times tables!
Here are some of the videos we have been using: 
This term we have been learning the story of Beowulf. We spent a few weeks learning the retell followed by lots of work on developing our description of characters. Once we knew how to do all of that well, we were asked to write our own version of Beowulf. We’ve worked our socks off these past few weeks to do this and we’re really proud of how our stories turned out. We were allowed to create our own monster, setting and hero/heroine. Miss Tonner was really pleased with how much we had written in each lesson as well as how detailed we made our descriptions. Some of us were surprised at how much we could write in one lesson!
Our unit this term is sound. We’ve investigated how sounds are made and how they travel. A series of sound tasks were set up for us to try. One of them was seeing how a tuning fork vibrates and what happens when it goes into water. Another one involved us investigating pitch using bottles of water. We got to talk through string telephones which were really cool. We made our own mini pan pipes using paper straws and discovered that we could change pitch by having different thickness straws as well as different length straws. In the next few weeks we are going to be creating our own experiment to investigate sound further.
We’ve been learning about bread in preparation for our baking lessons next week.
We looked at the journey of bread, discussed what breads we knew, researched recipes for breads from across the world and looked at breads that are made specially for people with specific allergies as they cannot eat typical bread that others can. We are so excited to use the new oven that Mrs Bugg ordered and can’t wait to taste our baked goodies!

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