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Special Visitor in Years 5 and 6

Alan Wordie – grandson of James Wordie, scientist and geologist on Shackleton’s Endurance expedition 1914-1916

In geography we have been learning map and navigation skills.  We have also learned about Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to cross the South Pole.

On Tuesday we had a visitor called Alan Wordie who came into our classroom and talked to us about his grandfather, James Wordie. He was in Shackleton’s crew on their Endurance expedition.  It was very interesting!  It made the Endurance expedition come alive. James Wordie was an amazing man.

After his talk, we asked some questions.  Here are his answers:

What was the best / scariest thing your grandfather saw?

The week of rowing to get to Elephant island: their gloves were frozen to the oars.  James Wordie didn’t change his underwear for 6 months!

Did your grandfather go on any other expeditions?

To the Antarctic twice and the Arctic several times.

Did he play an instrument?

Yes – the bagpipes – but he didn’t take them on the expedition.

Do you know who was attacked by a leopard seal?

Either Wordie or Orde-Lees.

What place did he come in the dog sled races?

I don’t know

Did he have a favourite type of rock?

Actually he was most interested in ice – in glaciers which he studied too.

By Hollie, Charlie, Oscar and Edward

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