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The girls football festival !

The girls football festival was a really fun event . All the coaches / teachers were really kind, and supportive and made sure everyone was having fun while staying safe . They made sure it was fair and that we shook hands at the end . There were many teams to compete against and they were all very skillful in their own way. There were around  25 teams at the festival. We got to play 5 matches but  we were also very lucky to get an extra one because one of the teams didn’t arrive ! We played against Park, Gastrells, Foxmore, The Croft and Cashes Green. We won 3 of our games, drew 1 and sadly lost against Cashes Green. At the start when we arrived we practiced games and skills. We did dribbling, passing and tricks in the warm up before we had the games. Right before the first game we had a 1 minute silence where everyone stood still in respect and remembrance.

This is a picture of all of us in our kits. We were very happy with our teamwork! We made lots of friends along the way and we all hope to go and  play football again. By Sophie, Lexie and  Darcy.

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