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Year Two

We have introduced continuous provision in year 2 and the children are enjoying learning through discovery and exploration. This term Year Two are continuing their Tree topic. We have planted tree seeds, learnt about their life cycles and began plotting local trees on a map. Our retell this term is Through the Forest which we are going to innovate and write ourselves. Last term we wrote letters to encourage others to rewild local area to create habitats for our local wildlife. Last Friday we had a fantastic time at the Stroud Book Festival where we joined in and created poems with Matt Goodfellow and sat in awe watching Lydia Monks demonstrate her amazing illustrations. Lydia read her new book Adoette and told us how she has campaigned to save trees in the street where she lives.  Of course travelling on the coach and eating a picnic lunch in the Sub Rooms was very exciting.
In maths we are learning different ways to add and subtract 2 digit numbers. We use numicon, base tens and number lines to help us.

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