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Geography in Turquoise Class

In geography, we have been using lots of maths knowledge to learn map skills, such as using 6 figure grid references on maps.  On Tuesday, we learnt how to take a compass bearing. We went onto the field and followed instructions saying to take a number of steps in each direction:

1. Take 10 steps East.
2. Take 20 steps North.
3. Take 15 steps West.
4. Take 15 steps South.
5. Take 5 steps East.

Do you know what happened?  We ended up where we started!


To take a compass bearing you point the travel arrow away from you, next you turn the outside wheel until the direction you want to go is lined up with the index line. Then you turn your body until the red end of the arrow is in the orienting arrow.  This is called putting ‘the red in the shed’. The red magnetic needle will always point north and the white will point south.  This is because the North Pole has a strong magnetic pull. Once the red is in the shed you follow the direction of travel arrow – north, east, south or west.

Next we will be using degrees to make bearings – more maths survival skills.

By Evie and Bonnie

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