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Cyan Class 

In maths we’ve been learning place value, it’s always fun in the end and we love maths. We’ve also been rounding numbers up to the nearest 10. 

In English we’ve been learning about a story called Arthur and the Golden Rope. So far in the book there has been a wolf attack on a small Icelandic village. The wolf put out the village’s great fire and left the people to freeze. We’re writing a newspaper article about the wolf attack, some of us have nearly finished. We can’t wait to find out what happens next in the story.  

In history we’ve been learning about the Vikings and how they came from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. This week we drew maps of the routes the Vikings took to come to England and Scotland. We’ve learnt that loved silver, spices and materials for clothes and weapons. 

This week in science we been doing an experiment to find out about the distance a car travels on different heights of ramps. We found out the higher the surface the further a car will travel. Some of us found that if the ramp gets too high the car can not travel so far. 

We started art this week and we learnt about silhouettes. A silhouette is when it is dark and there is a tiny bit of light and the light hits the objects around and makes a silhouette. A silhouette has no detail. We really enjoyed practicing drawing silhouettes of different objects.

Emily Bruhl and Charlotte Atkinson

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