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Green Doodling by Dottie Cole and Athena Wright.

In Turquoise class we have been doing something called green doodling.

The most important part is looking closely at nature.

Green doodling means that we get to go outside, have fresh air and time to ourselves.

But, also we get to draw nature in our green doodle books. No one is out on the field at that time in the morning, so it is nice and quiet.

I think that green doodling is definitely not a waste of time; it’s fun  and calming and I really enjoy it!

We do not give criticism or praise because it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Everyone has their own interpretation of nature!🌲

Green doodling is very calming and fun, lots of looking at what you are sketching is a big part of it. It’s not something where you just draw a trunk and leaves if you are drawing a tree. Some people would add all the detail to the bark and leaves 🍃 too! The reason we do it is because it calms us and gives everyone a chance to draw what they think it looks like.

I personally love green doodling because I can go outside, get fresh air and doodle at the same time.  Everyone will feel different about it but I LOVE it!

Forces & Friction by Milo Gerstheimer

In science we’ve been learning about forces like gravity.  This week we investigated friction which is caused by two surfaces rubbing against each other.  We used Newton meters to measure the force needed to measure the force needed to drag our shoes across a surface to see which one was the grippiest (created the most friction).

The variables were: the type of grip, shoe size, shoe weight and type of surface.  We changed the grip and kept the rest the same.

As you you can see from the bar graph, shoes with more surface area of grip or treads created more friction.  If I was a climber I would use shoes with more grips and tread; skateboards already have a lot of grip on them so shoes with lots of grip might be too much.

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