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     History-    Shackleton


‘During the night of  the third we heard the ice grinding to the eastward, and in the morning we saw that young ice was rafted 8~10 foot high in places. This was the first murmer of the danger that was to reach menacing proportions in the later months.’

Welcome to the world of Ernest Shackleton.  He is famous for his leadership even though he didn’t achieve his goal. So shall I  begin…

Ernest, or more commonly known as Shackleton,is what we are studying this term. we have already had several 

Lessons on shackleton.Fun Fact: Shackleton and his team played football whilst the Endurance was trapped in the floe. It was Port Watch[Left Watch] versus Starboard Watch [ Right Watch]

So, to cut a long story short, Shackleton set off from London but within 80 miles of their destination- the Antarctic! But their ship [the Endurance] got caught in the ice. After 3 attempts to free it, the Endurance tragically sank to the sea floor, never to be seen again!.Also did i mention

Shackletons what we have been studying.Anyway Shackleton rescued two boats and took one out with two crew members, leaving the others on an iceberg. Finally he reached South Georgia. But, he still had to walk over loads of mountains. Eventually, he reached a whaling station and summoned help. His crew was rescued. Except someone else got to the Antarctic first.  Thank you for listening. Have a nice day!   


WELCOME to a classic ENGLISH lesson. Here in Minch we often start after break-so let’s get to it. Every class has a different English schedule but today we are doing a story on a journey. We can make it true or false. Here is an example of one that is false but believable  ( Me and my family went to the zoo in the  summer holiday.) Here is a true one-we went on a walk 


Thank you for reading from,



In this term we have been looking at forces such as gravity. We have even done an experiment where we put flour in a tray and sprinkle coco powder, on top of the flouer . Then we dropped weights on top of the flour to see how big the craters were. We were investigating the effects of gravitational pull on objects with different weights. The heavier the weight, the stronger the gravitational pull needed. So as you can see we have learnt a lot and we are very busy scientists.

Thankyou for listening Agatha 

French Day

Bonjour it’s FRENCH DAY and last week, we were celebrating the amazing country of France so join us on a tour of a lifetime . We’ll start our journey in the classroom. Unlike most days,  we had to order our lunch  in French.  After that it was assembly.  Miss Smith was taking an assembly and as it was French day the assembly was obviously French (oh did I mention  to dig in.) Well, have you enjoyed your meal? Now it’s time for fun and games. After passing the ball round, we got to dress in red, white and blue. After that we were back in the classroom. Oh and it seems the classroom has become a cafe. Well let’s put on our best French accents because  we’re about to order crepes and pain au chocolat in French. Once we’ve practiced we need to  stand in line ready for a waiter to come and serve us. Now we have ordered it’s time to dig in. It’s time for the scavenger hunt then a race to the finish line and a translation in French. tThere you’ve done it, you’ve made it  though our French day. That’s a pat on the back for you.

Thank you for lisening from Elmer


The sky has no limits so neither should youthis is a famous quote by Bolt and it is so true and that reminds me this term we have been playing tag rugby. Shonk ball, although it’s dangerous, it’s so much fun. As well as that, we had  our own P.E. day.  We played loads of games like shonkball- shonkball is like rounders, you use a bat but if you hit the ball far enough you get double points and you have 15 cones to run around instead. We also  played capture the  flag ,frisbee and handball. Our P.E. teacher Mr Tovey Is determined to make us the best we possibly can be at everything.

Thank you for listening Agatha 

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