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Hello,today I am going to be taking you on an adventure, exploring Paul Cezanne’s museums of artwork. 

For art this term, we have been focusing on Paul Cezanne,the famous French post-impressionist painter. 

First we have been writing down our thoughts of four similar pictures that she painted. Here are some of the thoughts that we,as a class, have discussed. “The pictures look like they have been set in different seasons. The first painting looks more saturated than the rest. It looks like they have been painted with a palette knife. They look as if they have been set in different time zones.”. 

We have been sketching a picture using foreground, middleground and background out on the field. We also incorporated shading into our pictures as well.  

After that we have been painting in the colour wheel focusing on primary,secondary and tertiary colours. We have been painting the colour wheel carefully making sure that we will do our best. We started off with the colours red,yellow and blue, then we started mixing the colours to make secondary and tertiary colours like green and blue green. 


Paul Cezanne was born into a wealthy family. His father was a founding member of a successful banking firm, so Paul Cezanne never had to worry about money. Paul Cezanne also moved to Paris in 1861 and met Camille Pissarro ( an impressionist painter ). THey formed a strong friendship and worked together on some pieces of artwork. Paul Cezane painted a range of different subjects during his career, including: landscapes, still life and portraits.  


Thank you for listening 

By Poppy

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