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Well we certainly have been busy in Royal class since we started back in September!

We loved doing French day and we liked the café and games. We enjoyed the animal hunting game the most because we had to work out what their French names were.

Our class book is how to train you’re dragon and our teacher is good at voices it is fascinating.

In PE we have played Shonk ball. It is fun because sometimes your whole team is chanting your name and you normally get to 200 +points.

In English we’re doing Arthur and the golden rope it is very mysterious  with his powers.He loves to learn also  he’s a very brave fellow. He’s taken on being the latest generation of explorers.

The Viking day was awesome we allowed to try out the weapons. We’ve got to do a battle scene and Mr Ricketts got crushed by children. We were allowed to feel the chain mail that they wore. They can use it in war. We had turned into real VIKINGS!

In Maths we are doing we are doing Base 10 and place value.  Year fours are doing thousands and year threes are doing hundreds.

For science we are doing a car experiment. So far we have tested them out on ramps to see if the shape of the car makes a difference with how far it goes.

By Luke and Raife

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