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Midnight Class enjoyed releasing their butterflies this afternoon. We have been watching carefully as they have completed their metamorphosis. It was very exciting to see them released into the wild.
We had a lovely time last week exploring the old toys from the past which we had on loan from the Museum In The Park. The children were very careful with the toys and enjoyed sharing and discussing whether they were the same or different from their own toys at home. We discussed how many of them were made out of wood rather than plastic. The tea set was made of china. The children enjoyed seeing Mrs Bugg’s teddy and panda which she had when she was a baby.
We are enjoying Farmer Merryweather’s Cow. We have a whole herd of painted cow heads in the classroom which we are very pleased with. We enjoy performing the retell altogether. We have made up different characters. We have also made up a different class ending. Next week the children will make up their own endings.
As we head towards the end of the year we have been talking about all the playing and learning we have done throughout the year.

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