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Azure Class have had a very busy couple of weeks. First, in DT, they  thought carefully about suitable food for a party. Then, they explored the labelling on food packaging to check for allergens. After that, they chose recipes to follow by using the Chrome Books to research them. One morning later that week, they learnt how to safely cut by creating a “bridge” with their hand, while using a sharp knife. They used this technique whilst cutting fruit to put onto a skewer.  They dipped marshmallows in melted chocolate and covered them in sprinkles. They cut out a pizza base from a wrap and spread tomato paste onto it and then grated cheese onto the top. They spread butter onto bread or a wrap and made a cheese or ham wrap or sandwich. They either rolled the wrap or cut a star shape from the sandwich with a cutter. Together they chopped lemons and made easy lemonade. That afternoon they partied!

Over the last fortnight, the children have got to grips with independently logging onto the Chrome Books and they have grown more confident using Kahoot quizzes, a painting program and keyboard skills game on the Techytiles website. They have also successfully researched about lions, Africa and Malawi. What a lot they have learnt! Additionally, the children have begun to write algorithms to program the Probots and then debugged them.
 In music the children listened to some African music, used buckets for drumming and learnt a dance with Mrs Smith!
What a busy time!

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