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We have been busy in Sapphire Class writing our Horrible Histories scripts up on the Chromebooks this past week so that they are ready for us to add in the speakers, stage directions and props. Some of us have joined forces and amalgamated our scripts to form a super new one (which hasn’t been as easy as we thought it would be). We can’t wait to start filming so we can show everyone how funny we are while educating you all about the Romans. We have discovered that some of us have a natural talent for writing comedy!

Our final art pieces based on the work of Alma Thomas are coming together. Some of us are finished while others have created a very detailed (and in some cases a bit complicated) piece which will take a little while to be completely done. Have a look at the picture collage of some of the completed ones. What do you think? Can you tell what they represent?
In Maths, we have been looking at statistics, with particular focus on collecting data to present in a bar chart. We have all set up our own tally chart to then populate with data. Some of the things we asked about were: favourite subjects, favourite sports, favourite food, favourite authors and a few others. Once we had our final data, we had to transfer that into a bar chart. When making the bar chart, we had to draw an x and y axis, make sure we went up in a sensible scale on the y axis and that  it was evenly spaced eg every 4 squares on the page being worth 5, the options had to be listed on the x axis evenly spaced too. Then it came time to put the data on, we had to use a ruler to draw the bars and make sure that we didn’t mix the bars up with each other. Before we could hand in our work we had 3 things left to put on – label the x axis, label the y axis and finally give the bar chart a title so that everyone knew what the data was. We were really proud of our work because for some of us it was the first time we had ever drawn one. Once we realised what we had to do, we went and collected new data and made another bar chart. We will then be generating questions for each other based on our work.
We have had sports day recently which was loads of fun. We changed all of the events this year to make sure that they were inclusive for all. We loved having to do the commando crawl under the hurdles even though it was quite hard on our elbows and knees! Some of us found it quite challenging to ride a tricycle while  trying to weave hockey balls in and out of cones. We were happy to have a full sports day this year where we could all work together. A few days later we had the sprint finals and some of our class were in them. We couldn’t believe how fast they could run. We even had a race between Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6!
We are looking forward to our History trip next week to Caerleon where we are going to see the Roman baths, the remains of an amphitheatre and barracks as well as Roman artefacts. We are even going to take our Roman shields so we can recreate a battle scene in the amphitheatre for our Horrible Histories video.
We can’t believe that there are only 3 weeks left of the school year; it has flown by!

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