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We have had a very busy week in Midnight Class. The Year 1 children made their yoghurt and fruit breakfast and the Reception children made fruit salad. Everyone did very well with their cutting skills. Super chopping and slicing. The children enjoyed sitting together to eat what they had made. We talked about taste and texture and came up with some fabulous words to describe both – lumpy, hard, crunchy, tangy, sweet, sour, fuzzy, juicy, sizzly, soft, crispy, tickly, squishy, rough, sucky and smooth. We talked about the different fruits and made a tally chart. Strawberries were the most popular fruit.
We have also enjoyed relay races on the field. We practised travelling using our hands and feet and it was really funny and hard work.

“My yoghurt breakfast was sour and fuzzy. The fruit was soft and the oats were crunchy.”

“It was very sweet. The yoghurt tasted like honey and it looked like a lake.”

“My yoghurt breakfast was colourful. The yoghurt was a pinky red, it was fruity, sweet and juicy.”

“I didn’t like my yoghurt breakfast because I didn’t like the flavour and it was too sweet.”

“My yoghurt breakfast was sweet and juicy. The pear was really soft, the oats gave it some texture. It was very yummy and colourful, the juice sizzled in my mouth.”

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