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In Royal class we have done so much this term already that our Year 3/4 production of Alaladdin seems like a very long time ago!

In English we have been learning about a book called Where the Wild Things Are and now we are making our own (but better) versions! We get to choose our own characters, inspirations and so much more!

In Maths we have been learning about decimals and we have been adding and subtracting decimals.  We have been ordering them and comparing them too.  We have done times tables checking on the Chromebooks too.

In Guided Reading we’ve been reading a book that we love called  The miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. We get a copy of the book to share and find it fun to answer Mr Ricketts’ questions.  Some of us have ordered the same book because we love it so much!

In History we have been learning about the Romans Empire and how they thought hygiene was very important. We love learning about the Romans and they might be our best topic so far!  We are making flickbook maps at the moment to show how their empire spread.

In Science we are learning about flowers and we’ve been dissecting flowers and learning about the parts of a flower and learning about their life cycle. We loved learning about flowers!

In Art we have been learning about a lady called Alma Thomas and her love of painting like mosaics. Most of her paintings got inspired by The moon because when she was older the first man landed on the moon and that’s how she got all her painting ideas.

Every Thursday we have a drumming lesson on an instrument called a bongo. It is really loud but really fun!  Everyone is now learning how to drum to the beat and we get stickers at the end!

Every Friday we go outside for PE and Play some sports. We never know what sport we’re going to play because they’re always different, like last week we did hockey and the week before that we did tennis and it’s always going to be different and never going to be the same! 

Always after PE, Mrs Saeed comes in and talks to us about the parts of the brain like the prefrontal cortex and how it helps us make some of the best choices in our lifetime. She also says that we should close our eyes and we are going to our own bubble and try and think of nothing.

Every Monday morning we do Chromebooks and we go onto song maker.  We can make our own songs with it. You can  make different songs or we could do songs already made.  We also play a game called incredible box which is a game that you can make your own songs like song maker but with beats instead of tinkles. 

On Monday afternoon a man  comes in called Mr Haggerty and we go down to church and we listen to a story.  He has travelled all over the world to find these stories and he has told us loads of other stories like One Golden Princess and that was our last one of them all. It’s sad that we don’t listen to him anymore but we enjoyed his stories.

By Emily Bruhl and Heather Reid

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