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Cobalt newsletter

In cobalt class this week we have been studying a lot of really fun activities during all the subjects. In this newsletter we will explain all the things that we have been doing. 


 Maths we have had a full revision week for the year 6 SATs week this has meant that we have had chromebooks all week and been doing the quizzes and practising our time tables and lots more in the Google classroom and My maths. This has given us the chance to catch up on old subjects that we had forgotten or missed. This has been such a great help.


In English we have been studying ravens, the class has done an individual independent  report about  ravens. Here are a couple facts on ravens; They can mimic human voices, can remember faces for up to one year and the collective noun for ravens is an “unkindness”.            


We have done a lot of science this week as we have tried to catch up and improve on our work so far. This has led to us completing our write ups of our light and pinhole project .Most of us are really proud of our final product and are excited to move on to the new topic of circulation, with its questions about different blood cells and the heart.


During reading time we have been reading ‘The Nowhere Emporium’. In this time the class gets out their mindfulness activities while Mrs Aldridge or Mrs Wilson reads our class book. It is really fun as when the teacher finishes the book, it normally ends on a cliffhanger. So we are always really excited about what happens next.  We also collect the best words and the most useful words from this reading.


Next week year 6 have their SATs. This means that we have been doing some exercises including mock SATs in class, hoping this will help us with the real ones next week. We are all hoping to do well and have agreed that we will eat and sleep properly and not give up. Next week will be an unusual one but with a good end, as we are looking forward to our trip to Slimbridge and birdwatching. 


We have been listening to music and responding to it to help us with our compositions.  We drew pictures and talked about why the music made us see those images.


In geography we have been finishing off our world map connecting to our topic, rainforests. It is a very creative design because we have our world map and then tracing paper of the equator, tropic of cancer and tropic of capricorn. We also have another sheet with all the different rainforests on it.

Thank you for reading this week’s newsletter. We hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. 

Best wishes Cobalt Class 


By Mimi/Amaya Potten, Sophie Hayward and Lula-Rose Indranie

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