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Sapphire Class:

Production – We finally got to perform to an audience!  

For the past 3 months we have all been working hard to put our production of A-la-la-la-la-laddin together. It has not been easy at all. So many of us have been poorly during the term and therefore have missed a few rehearsals. Did you know that we have never had a rehearsal or final performance with the full cast?! We are so proud of how hard we have all worked, especially the Y4s who have had lines, actions and songs to remember. We thought we did a brilliant job of performing to a live audience despite us all being nervous about it. Well done to the Y3/4s who had to take on extra parts because of others being ill. 
A few quotes: “I was really nervous, but excited to show it to the school.”
“I am really pleased with how it went; I can’t believe we did it!” 
“I loved that my mum and dad could see me on stage!”
“I was so happy when I found out we were going to do a production because we didn’t get one in Y3 last because of lockdown.”
The production took up a lot of this week, but we have managed to get up to a few other things:
Mrs Saeed did a talk to the whole of Y3/4 about Islam and what a Muslim has to do during Ramadan (which started on this past Saturday). Mrs Saeed demonstrated how she prepares for prayer and then had Ran from our class demonstrate it again to make sure we knew the correct order. Did you know that Muslims have to pray 5 times a day? We also learnt that there are 5 core beliefs that Muslims follow for their religion: 
1. Profession of Faith (shahada)
2. Prayer (salat)
3. Alms (zakat)
4. Fasting (sawm)
5. Pilgrimage (hajj)
After the Easter break, we will be having another lesson with Mrs Saeed to discuss Eid and then the whole of Y3/4 are going on a trip to visit Gloucester Mosque. We are looking forward to seeing what happens in a mosque.
We visited Holy Trinity on Thursday to talk about the Easter story. Father Howard led us around the church and talked through each station. We started on Palm Sunday and ended with the resurrection of Jesus. We talked a lot about symbolism and some of us made links between Lent for Christians and Ramadan for Muslims. 
We have been looking at what contributes to a healthy lifestyle. We came up with so many different factors: sleep, balanced diet, making connections with friends/family, limited screen time, exercise (good for the body as well as the mind), being outside in the fresh air, downtime to just chill and relax, having a hobby or two, maintaining a positive outlook and avoiding staying inside all the time, no matter the weather. 
So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye…
We ended our week with a fond farewell to our friend Lucy as she is moving onto a new school after the Easter holidays. We wish her the best and hope she keeps in touch to let us know about all the fun and new things she will be getting up to. Good luck Lucy; you will be missed! 

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