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Minchinhampton Primary School Upcycled Fashion Show

On Friday the 25th of March, Minchinhampton School did an upcycled fashion show. We turned unused clothing into outfits that we all designed, sewed and gave it a new snazzy look. There were a variety of different styles. 

We had kindly been given some old wedding dresses from The White Room. Some of us made a magnificent dress. Some people made a whole outfit using an old top and old bottoms. One of the groups made their own jeans! Bottoms out a hoodie, jeans made to a top and so much more. 

We had so much input from so many people. Many thanks to Savannah Miller, Charles Ross and Alex Platt from Mocean ; which is an eco-friendly fitness company. Savannah Miller is a wedding dress designer. Charles Ross is a college fashion teacher. All of them helped make our outfits come to life. 

On the night we had a catwalk, flashing lights and music. We had groups of about 4. One of us could be the model, and the others had a speech to say about how we made their outfit. In the morning we had a fashion show as an assembly for the whole school. In the afternoon we performed to the parents at 6:30pm. It was an amazing experience for everyone. 

We did this topic because of fast fashion and how it’s hurting our environment. The Aral sea in Uzbekistan, was almost drained and one of the reasons is jeans. A single pair of jeans takes 7,000 liters of water to make! This is really bad as the Aral sea was one of the biggest seas in the world. Now it’s one of the smallest. Our school is trying to make a difference to our planet. If we carry on buying new clothes and throwing them away our planet won’t survive. Try reuse, recycle and rethink. Just think when you’re buying something new. Are you going to wear this for years to come, or are you buying this for the sake of it?

By Lillie Smith

 from Sky Class

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