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This has been a frenetic week of photographic action for the children in Year 5-
6 at Minchinhampton! We have had many different aspects to this. One
visitor talked to us about their careers and photographic methods, including
taking a photo of an ostrich with and ostrich egg camera. It was fascinating and
helped us to see how photography had developed from the first pinhole
cameras. Meanwhile, we have worked in groups with our home-made pinhole
cameras to take and develop photographs in the school grounds. It has been
challenging and not all our photographs worked as we battled to make
cameras light-proof and to get the exposure right by opening the shutter for
the right amount of time. When they did work, seeing the images develop in
the trays was like a form of magic. It really brought home to us about how light
travels and how we can use it to project an image and that taught us about
how we see.
We have also been working to conclude a project on sustainable clothing with
a fashion show of our upcycled creations. To help us, we have had a visitor
from a sustainable sports clothing company come to talk to us about the ethos
behind their work and to share samples of the high quality cloth they can
manufacture so much more sustainably than from virgin sources. Their fashion
has actually taken out plastic rubbish from the sea and made it useful and
beautiful. We have similarly been working to finish our creations and model
them. We have also had to write scripts and perform with cameras clicking
around us. It has taken a great deal of effort but really helped us to think
about clothes and our impact on the planet. We hope we shall be able to
convince others to make a good difference with the work that we have done.
Part of our project has also been to create magazine and books, based on Why
The Crayons Quit. This meant that we had to research and present our facts
and opinions in attractive ways. This work will be part of our Friday Night
Fashion Show, which we are very excited to bring to Minchinhampton.
All in all, it has been a busy but inspiring and rewarding week.

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