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Science – light – photography

We made a camera out of a shoe box by lining it with black paper to make it light tight. We also painted some of the inside black.  We put a light inside and saw there were still cracks so covered them up too.  We made a little hole to let light in. On a camera that hole is called an aperture.  We covered it with blu-tack to stop light getting in. That was a shutter.  In a dark room with only red light we put some photographic paper in the camera then sealed it and went on to the field to take the picture.

The first one wasn’t that good because we didn’t expose it for long enough but we didn’t give up and tried again.  The picture looked creepy because it was a bit blurry, black and white and it was upside down / inside out. It looked like an old haunted picture.
We made a few adjustments: made the aperture bigger but exposed it for less time.  We exposed it for 18 seconds – that came out really well.  As that was good, we tried in different locations and they all came out well.  It was really sunny and that helped.
By Will Partridge
(We’ve also been learning about the clothing industry for geography and making outfits from up-cycled old clothes. This week, and last, we tie dyed some bits for our outfits.)

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