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Our first couple of weeks back have been really busy!
We started the term doing the DT lesson we were supposed to do last term, but we couldn’t because of the school being closed for Storm Eunice. We had already designed and built our flood proof structures so all that was left to do was testing them and evaluating. Each group placed their shelter in a tray to see whether or not it was high enough to be out of the flooded group. 4 out of 5 shelters succeeded in that as they were either on stilts or had a floating device. 1 shelter unfortunately had neither of these and therefore got a bit wet straight away. Most of the structures stayed upright and weren’t displaced as the flooding continued. However, one structure started to capsize and float away!
We have now begun our second DT project – Lovely Lunch! – which focuses on us working together to design a mini menu. So far we have learnt about traditional lunches from around the work. Most of us were interested in what was eaten in China, Japan, Italy, Mexico and Kenya. We then took a vote in our groups to choose which country we would be inspired by. 2 groups have chosen to focus on Mexican cuisine, 2 have chosen to go with Chinese and one group wants to make an Italian style bento box! We have started to look at recipes and think about what we want to cook, how we need to cook it and how it will be presented to our guests. Mr Moss has already decided he will join Sapphire Class on the cooking day so he can have a few samples!
We have started a new English unit based on the book ‘The Great Kapok Tree’. This week we have been writing mini rainforest documentary scripts . Here are a few of our lines:
An ancient forest awakes and God’s creatures begin their morning chorus.
The waterfall lets its tears drop as whispers across the forest turn into growls and squawks and even roars.
Giant trees guard the treasure, long hidden from the world beyond. 
Animals watch with excitement as the sun shines upon their playground. 
In maths we have started to look at fractions. Miss Tonner has us doing actions for the important words in the unit: equal, numerator and denominator to help us remember what they represent. See our picture so you know the actions too!
We have started our swimming lessons. We were all super excited to be able to go swimming as it hasn’t happened in school for a very long time.
In science we have moved onto looking at the human digestive system after looking at the owl pellets last term. Do you know how long the intestines are in total? All together the large and small intestine plus the oesophagus are nearly 8m long! Isn’t that crazy! We are learning about how the human digestive system works all the way from the food entering the mouth to it leaving our body when we go to the toilet. Some of the class have come up with an acronym to remember the order of travel for the food: MOSI = Mouth, Oesophagus, Stomach and Intestines. Next week we are going to be looking at this in more detail; what does Miss Tonner have in store for us?

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