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What is it like in Midnight Class?

“Midnight Class is really fun when we get to do lots of painting. I liked painting Supertato. It took a long time because we had to remember all the parts.” Josephine
“Midnight Class is fun because we get to do lots of art. I also like Midnight Class because I have lots of friends. We are kind in Midnight Class. We have nice toys and equipment in Midnight Class and we look after it all. When we did our winter dance we all worked together and it made me feel happy.” Evie
“In Midnight Class we are all different and we are all nice to other people. It is fun in Midnight Class because I get to play and learn. Story time is really good because we all listen on the carpet and we can see the pages. Mrs Bugg buys books to read to us from the book shop. They are good books because Mrs Bugg chooses them for us. I liked the one about the polar bear and the brown bear. How can you see the moon in different lands?”  Frank
“I like Midnight Class it is fun. I like playing and learning. I go outside and play with my friends.” Elliot H
“I love Midnight Class because my friends play with me in the home corner and the shop. Midnight Class is fun when we pretend the shed is our house. In Midnight Class the Marvellous Me boxes are full of things and I like seeing the pretty things and the toys inside.” Edie

We are embracing our new literacy unit – Supertato. We asked the question – How do you recognise a superhero.
We decided that these were the most important attributes,
Belt with a buckle
Toothy smile (very clean sparkly teeth)

We are very sad to be taking down our penguins and Antarctica collages. We love the photos of our huddling penguins.


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