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Teal Class LOVED World Book Day. It was an experience appreciated by all. Our special visitor was none other than… Mr Moss! He read The Tale of the Toothbrush to the children (using numerous voices) and invited them to get up and act out various parts of the story! Another highlight was the morning assembly, when Ms McCarron taught the pupils the WBD rap for the day. When the hooter suddenly went off, a child said that ‘it sounded like a siren’. Immediately and excitingly, every child had to start reading a book. One reader commented, ‘I loved sharing a book with a friend’. At lunchtime there were screams of glee as the children spotted ‘Wally’ hiding around the library and school hall. Finally, the students gave each other a look of pure delight when they were given a £1 book token at the end of the day. Spend it wisely!


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