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Sky Class collage responses to our RE focus this week of “If God were holy and loving, there would be no suffering in the world. Deep discussions!

We were learning how to work out ratios using Skittles. The maths resources may or may not have been eaten at the end!

And Happy World Book Day!
A fun assembly where we had a team who had learnt the rap and helped to sing it in front of the whole school!
Where was Wally? Well he was all over the place. In classrooms, in the water garden, in the hall! I think we found them ALL!
Don’t forget to take your token to the Yellow Lighted Bookshop for a free book!
Have you checked out the Masked Readers? If not, have a look here and have a guess!  (Password: JustKeepSwimming) We’ll release the answers in next week’s newsletter!


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