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In Royal class since our last newsletter we have done an awful lot!

In art we have been learning about Jean Michel Basquiat and we have just finished making our finished posters. We thought up slogans that made people think about climate change used the wax resist and colour washing.

Now that half term has ended we have no more swimming lessons and now we are having PE with Mr T! Yesterday we did athletics with him.

Before half term we have been taking apart owl pellets and been finding which bones belong to which animal! We learnt what the owl had digested.

Before half term we have been making our own websites and been doing HTML which is computer language and we have been typing weather data graph sheets. 📊. We are putting these on our website.

In maths we have been doing short division written method and learning to regroup. We are finding it challenging but fun!

Before half term we have been doing topic and we have been doing this science experiment which is testing how long it takes for land ice and sea ice to melt. And then we made a storyboard talking about past present and future.

Year 3/4 on Fridays have been travelling on apparatus with Mr Ricketts. We have been using the wall bars and benches to walk across we had the crash mat out and the springboard.

In English we have written our own weather poems and we got to perform them to the whole class and we were recorded with a camera that wouldn’t leave us alone! It was called Swivl and followed us around! Our poems were about how climate change will affect the seasons.

Every Wednesday after school year 4 Would go down to the hall and practice our production! Lots of us were at cross country this week so we missed going.

In our class we have been reading podkin One ear but now we have finished that book and now we are reading the Explorer!!! Now we’re getting through these books really fast and we are really enjoying them.

In DT we have been learning about an island called Watu and on this island we want to make the people there have a comfortable place to live where they won’t be flooded. We have been handed a sheet and we have had to answer about beat The flood.  Yesterday we Drew up our designs and today we figured out a design that would work for all of us.  Today we have been making houses that we can then bring out into the water garden and  spray it with a hose for two minutes to see if it is flood proof so that the people on this watu Island can live happily.

By Tom and chloë

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