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We havebeen immersed in the cold continent of Antarctica in Aqua Class this week!

Whilst exploring the book ‘Blue penguin’, we have placed ourselves into the role of the characters through freeze frames, thought bubbles and role play. We had a tray full of ice and filled with penguins that we enjoyed acting out the story with. Some of us even timed how long it took for the ice to melt in our hands and we tested whether the ice melted quicker inside or outside of the water. Lots of us have enjoyed working at the ‘Antarctic Research Centre’ and have been using binoculars to find animals hidden around the cold outdoor classroom.

We have also created beautiful icy collages and drawn penguins to stick onto the top. During outdoor learning, the Year 1 children created birds out of clay, making sure to include a beak, wings and feathers.
We have been looking closely at 3D shapes in maths this week and have enjoyed creating pictures and paintings using the different shaped faces of 3D shapes.
What a busy and creative week!

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