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Cyan celebrate Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year of the Tiger by making red envelopes from a single piece of red paper. It was very tricky but we all persevered and successfully made at least one envelope and decorated it with Chinese good luck writing. Inside we wrote good wishes for the new year for each other and delivered them around the school to the other classes too. We baked some ginger biscuits to celebrate with. They were delicious.
We have enjoyed our drumming lessons every Thursday.
In maths we have been brilliant at multiplication and are now working hard with division. We find it useful to use bead strings, numicon, number lines and multiplication squares to help us.
In English we have been writing our own Four Seasons poetry using poetic devices.
Here’s Alfie’s

Four Seasons
Summer is the best time
So let me start right here
Paddling pools, water gun fights
Warm nights

Autumn creeps up on you
Leaves start to fall
Fireworks fly in the sky
Then you trick or treat

Winter sneaks up on you
You start to feel the chill
Snow falls down
You build a snowman

Spring pings into actions
Easter arrives
Eggs are hidden for you to find.

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