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Sky Year 5/6 Newsletter


For art we have been drawing Characters from the ‘Journey to the River Sea’ (book);such as Clovis King also known as  Jimmy Bates; then we have Miss Minton who looks strict but on the inside she is quite nice; Maia the main character is adopted by the Carters but they are not as respectable as she thought they were. They’re awful; in the book they described as horrendous pigs.

Indoor P.E

In indoor P.E we have been doing parkour, jumping through bars and swinging on ropes. We were partnered in pairs; one person is the bad guy and the other is the good guy. The music was Mission Impossible themed, then we watched each other. WE WERE GREAT! Leaping off tables onto blue mats. It was fun jumping up and down off the climbing frame.


In maths we are learning about fractions. We are simplifying them. We learnt to make improper fractions to mixed numbers or we simplified the improper fractions to proper fractions.

Outdoor P.E 

We are playing football. We are working on tackling and passing and getting everyone involved. Everybody that is advanced at football has to pass to a non experienced player so everyone has a go.


For Science we have been learning about the pinhole camera so we  have been making a camera obscura  the steps are quite simple

  1. Get a pringle can, a long one not a short one. Then cut about 5cm off the bottom.

2.Cut some greaseproof paper onto the lid and press the lid on the small container.

  1. Wrap it in tin foil on the outside

Only then Sellotape it really well

On the metal end get a pin and

stick it in.

  1. We made them in groups of

three and four. It is really interesting how you can look through the big hole, then look at a light. then you can see the light and if it has patterns. then you might just be able to see the patterns if not check the instructions.

Guided Reading

In Guided reading  we have been going off in small reading groups to chat about the story and answer some of the questions on the story sheet. Our book we have been reading and working on is ‘Journey to the River Sea’ by Eva Ibbotson. It is a good and gripping book.

The Bird Hide

This year we are fundraising for a bird hide. Which costs £1300. We have raised £250 so far from cake sales. The whole point of raising money for the bird hide is that birds are amazing. One of the most asked questions is how do birds fly? We like to start a club when it is built. It has taken over a month to raise £250.

One day we might see something crazy like the fastest bird the world- peregrine falcon 390km. Did you know that a shrike/butcher bird kills its prey on thorns.


In the topic, we made our own document about the Amazon and put all the facts that we know and some we found out from the internet  and some from fact papers.

Our total added up to 10000 words!


We did some homework and then we brought it in and we went through it. We also do 10 minute activities frequently. They are fun instead of being like the Spelling Shed which is boring.


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