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In Royal class we have done a lot since the Christmas break.

For example we have been really lucky to have Karl Nova visit and teach us a rap and now we have been annotating his work and performing a rap of our own.

Our year 3/4 production is coming up and we’re all working hard. We hope that you can all watch it and enjoy it. Our school production is Aladdin by The School Musicals Company and we are going to perform it in April.

In art we have been learning about Jean Michelle Basquiat and how he lived his life and again we annotated his work and have started making our own pieces in his style. He worked at night like Banksy, his work was painted like a child.

After the Christmas break we have started to go swimming. It is so much fun. We go to Stratford park every Thursday.

In Topic we have been doing climate change and made a graph. We have found out that the temperature has risen 1 degree since 1960. We have also been doing weather stations including a rain gages, wind veins and wind speed monitors. We have looked at the global historic climate data and made a graph that shows the warming of our world and answered a survey about climate knowledge. We were surprised by how little we knew to start with! The Earth is like a big bathtub.

Just after the Christmas break, we went to Bristol Museum. First we learned about Amelia Edwards who was a famous Egyptian archaeologist. Then we went around the museum at the end we all went to the gift shop. It was really fun.

In science we haven’t been learning about just the human body but animals as well! We have felt real animals bones and guessed what they were. Some of them included bulldog, elephants tusk and tortoise shell.

On Wednesday we got a visit from the brilliant Mr Ede. He brings his own maths puzzles. They were all really good. There was one where you had 9 boxes and you had to put them into a bigger box.  And there was one where you had to put some blocks together to make a complete Rubik’s cube.

In PE we have been using apparatus to help us do our travels and balances. Also we have been doing rolls.

In English we have been making our own poems in the style of Maya Angelou. Also we have been rapping Famous? by Karl Nova and turning Shakespeare’s words into rap.

In Maths we have been doing column addition, mental addition, column subtraction, mental multiplication and column multiplication.

In Spelling we have been doing “f” or “fe” into “ves” and a few quizzes.

By Rufus and Jemyma

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