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School Newsletter from 5/6 Cobalt

This week we have been studying light and Rainforests, linked to our English reading of Journey to the River Sea.

In Science, we have been making pin-hole cameras out of pringle cans. If you want to make one yourself, you will find that if you look through it, everything will appear upside down like your eyes would do without your brain.They are very easy to make and that’s why the first  camera was a pin-hole camera, not like the ones in daily life.  They showed us how the eye actually sees upside down, but our brain turns images up the right way.

Fun facts:

Over the 20th century the pin-hole camera lost popularity.    

Ibn al-Haythan invented the first pin-hole camera.  

Too much or too little light entering the pinhole makes the image less clear.

Art: In art we are composing collages out of pieces of paper. Peter Clark is a famous  artist and we shall study him more closely later in the process of making collages. 

We looked at some collages made by others, they were made in the shape of faces, trees, hands and many other intriguing patterns, using different methods.

PE: In PE we have been doing something slightly different, that thing is…  gymnastics fight scene! We have got into duos and together created a battle between good and bad. We are using the apparatus to make our fight scenes look even better than just on the ground. Between the pair they decided who was going to be the baddy and who would be the goody. The baddy will then provoke the goody starting the fight scene! 

Morning Exercise: We have been doing football.That includes warming up, which is dribbling and passing. We also play a game in two groups, the confident side and the non confident side, so people can play an equal game. In our exercise every day different children from our class lead the warm ups and the games.  

BIDMAS:Over the last few weeks we have been studying BIDMAS which stands for,brackets,indices,division,multiplication,addition and subtraction.The work can sometimes be challenging but then again,if it was easy we wouldn’t learn anything.As a challenge we do `code breakers`were you have to use maths to work out the two maths words.You could could call it BODMAS but really it’s the same thing …but BIDMAS is up to date.  We have relished our challenges.

English: In English this term the yr 5/6s have been studying Journey to the River Sea, a book by Eva Ibbotson, and we have written our own journal from Mrs Minton’s (the governess’s) point of view. Mrs Minton is a very formal and serious character so – for some people – they find that kind of personality difficult to write but we have been embracing the formal language with alacrity!

Music: For music we got to play the recorder to the song `Make you feel my love` by Adele. Music gives you a chance to express your feelings. We have listened to it a couple of times, comparing Adele’s version with Bob Dylan’s original, and now we are learning the words. 

French: For our French lessons we have been learning how to say I want a sandwich with whatever you want. You could have a rigalo (fun) sandwich with ice-cream and chicken!

Overall, it has been a busy and fun week.

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