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In maths, Azure Class have been practising their multiplication and division from last term and learning their 2 and 10 times tables. They have been using the right vocabulary to describe what they are doing. They have also been introduced to the concepts of position and direction and the language needed to describe that. Words like clockwise and anticlockwise have been used increasingly accurately and we have been doing a lot of practical work turning ourselves the appropriate number of quarter turns, half turns and three quarter turns in the correct direction or a picture. We have had lots of fantastic discussions and quite a few laughs too!
In English we went on a sound walk around the grounds to collect language for our new unit of work. We have learnt to perform The Sound Collector poem by Roger McGough and we have watched him performing it too. This week we have been writing our own poems and have published  them in our own class book.
Here are a couple of our verses.
A visitor came this sunrise,
Dressed all in blue and grey,
Put every sound into a sack,
And carried them away.
The giggles of the children,
The slamming of the door,
The rustling of the leaves,
The scratching of the claw.
The rumbling of the elephants,
The scraping of the rakes,
When you eat a carrot,
The crunching noise it makes.
The clucking of the hen,
The dripping of the oil,
The bubbling of the pan,
As it starts to boil.
The rumbling of the tummy,
The growling of the bear,
The sizzling of the steaks,
The squeaking of the chair.
A visitor came this sunrise,
She didn’t leave her name.
Left us only silence,
Life will never be the same.
By Azure Class

Lastly, Azure Class love PE! They enjoyed exploring the large apparatus this week too!

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