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This week Year 3/4 took a trip to Bristol Museum. It was a very interesting and informative day. We became Egyptologists like Amelia Edwards handling artefacts and solving clues from Ancient Egypt. We all enjoyed exploring all the wonders of the museum.

We loved visiting poet Karl Nova. He was inspiring and amazing with his life story, raps and poetry. He helped the class to write Haikus. They have 3 lines, the first with 5 syllables, second with 7, third with 5.


School is the best place

School is the best place to be

Learning happily

By Molly Lord


I like my mummy

and my daddy is nice

I love my parents

by Alfie


TV is the best

TV has loads of cool stuff

TV is awesome

by Bonnie


Racketing Rafe with

his racket, not just any

Rafe’s tennis racket

by Rafe

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