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Turquoise writing

In Maths this week we were doing nets of 3D shapes and their properties.

A regular square-based pyramid has: one square face for the base and four equilateral or isosceles triangles for the other faces. Scalene triangles make interesting nets/shapes because the 3D shape is always tilted. The angles of the top corners need to all be less than 90 degrees.

A cube has: six square faces. A cuboid has: four rectangular faces and two square faces. Also, a cuboid is a type of prism.

A triangular prism has: 3 rectangular faces that make a tube shape, and 2 triangular faces. All  prisms if you cut them into slices then all slices will be the same size and shape. Mr Weinberger thought it would be cool to make a triangular prism shaped loaf of bread so you could have triangle shaped toast!!!

While Mr W read The Boy At The Back Of The Class to us we made tetrahedra and cubes out of printed nets to make Christmas tree decorations!

Attached are some pictures of us exploring the different nets we were learning about.

In English we have been writing and re-drafting balanced arguments about whether the Aztecs and Maya were savages or not (this is the end of our history topic). Some examples of our work are attached, as well as a summary of what we learned and what we think about the Aztecs and Maya ourselves.

By Daisy Gilbert and Buddy Earley.

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