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Sapphire’s final report of autumn.

What a busy term this has been for us all. We have been working hard to make sure all of our work is finished before the Christmas holidays.
Our Science experiment is finally over. After over 2 months of observations, we are able to say which substance was most effective at ‘mummifying’ the apple. We wanted the substance to withdraw all of the liquid from the apple half. Every time we observed the apples, we noticed that the bath salts and sugar were absorbing the most and the sand and sodium bicarbonate the least. Therefore we decided that you should use either sugar or bath salts.
However, if you were looking to see which substance was most effective at preserving the apple, the results were completely different. Three of the substances did not keep the apple ‘fresh’ looking at all. By the end of the experiment, they had shriveled up and started to rot. What surprised us though was that the apple that was covered in sand looked as fresh as it did when it first went in!
In Maths we have been looking at different types of lines. Could you tell the difference between a vertical and horizontal line? What about parallel and perpendicular? Could you say which shapes have which lines? Ask any 3/4 and they should be able to help you if you’re stuck!
Last week was our final drum lesson. We performed some pieces to the Y2 classes; one of which we wrote ourselves! It went really well and our music teacher was proud of us and how hard we all worked. Click on the video to see a short snippet of the show; it might be a bit loud!
We had a very cold, but fun sports/games morning with Mr Tovey this week. For the whole morning we were put into groups to play lots of different games including Dodgeball, Hockey, Farmers and Foxes, Cross the Golden River, Stuck in the Mud and Handball. Some of us realised we had to get a bit better at dodgeball as we kept on getting hit with the ball. Although it was cold and at times wet, it was great fun and we loved the opportunity to be with the whole year group and Mr Tovey. Hopefully the next time it happens, it’ll be a bit warmer!
We are almost finished with the publishing of our own graphic novels. Sapphire Class have spent about 2 weeks writing, editing and redrafting them and now it is publication week. The average length of the graphic novel is 14 pages (some of us have to have a few more as we wrote so much!). One Y3 pupil said that they had never written so much in their life and they weren’t sure if they would be able to do so again as their hand hurt from so much writing! Once we have written up our story in neat, we then need to illustrate it just like Joe-Todd Stanton does in his books. We are really proud of our work and are looking forward to sharing them with you when we get to bring them home.
Some of us want to enter a poetry competition called the CLIPPA Award. We have been looking at the poems by Matt Goodfellow from his collection Bright Burst of Colour and have chosen one we want to learn off by heart. We need to think about how we perform the poem and make sure it doesn’t sound like we’re just reading it from a book. After Christmas we have a few more weeks to rehearse before we then film our entries which Miss Tonner will send off for us. Then it’s fingers crossed and wait and see until the results are announced in a few months time. Wish us luck!
We hope you all have a restful Christmas break with your families. See you in 2022!

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