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We are having a fabulous time learning in Midnight Class. We are very resilient and we are still enjoying our snack time outside sitting on our mats. We also have blankets to share now it is getting cold. We are very quick at getting our boots and coats on. Many of us can zip up our coats ourselves.
We have enjoyed our literacy this term and can retell the Three Billy Goats Gruff story. Our Billy Goat Gruff small world play area is very popular and we can all do the character voices very well. During PE we have trip trapped over bridges and we have made bridges in the classroom and outside.
Playdough continues to be an inspiration in Midnight Class. For the last few weeks we have had small paper cups and flowers to add to our creations. We have also explored making the troll from the Billy Goats Gruff Story.
The Reception children are making super progress with their counting. They can collect different numbers of objects for their maths mat sessions and have worked well to make number collages representing different numbers up to seven so far. The Year 1 children are exploring numbers to 100 and have made their own numberlines this week. They have been busy representing numbers up to 100 using Numicon and Ten Frames.
We are busy practising our song for Christmas and talking about the Christmas Story. We have started to make a Christmas small world area and fine motor activity. We have been very excited about our nativity advent calendar.
It is a privilege to be part of the children’s learning when they are playing. They are communicating well and sharing ideas. Often making books, writing stories, drawing, experimenting with building and playing role play games inside and outside. The new wooden planks and crates have been very popular for balancing and making different obstacle courses. This week the gloop (cornflour mixed with water) was very popular. The coloured sand in the sand trays is a big hit outside encouraging mark making and early writing.

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