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Y5 Newsletter

p4c-In p4c we have been talking about if we should be treated equally. Most of us think we should always be treated equally. I agreed with the majority.

P.E- P.E was great. We played dodgeball and benchball as a year 5 group. I enjoyed this alot but some people got over competitive. We won 2 of 3 games. We played in silence which made it harder.

ART-In art we have copied a picture in tiles but at a much bigger scale designed and we put them together to make a bigger picture. The bigger picture was not as good as the original because some edges didn’t quite match and there was some less rich colour but it was very good.

Maths- in maths we had some fun doing a murder mystery the murder was Chardonnay Hogg :we did morse code,co-ordination,2d shape,angles,compass points to find our clues.

English- In English we enjoyed performing poems that were very detailed. Ours was titled David and we were also filmed. It was great fun and it tested us in front of the camera.

Music-in music was studying Bon Jovi and focusing on Livin on a Prayer. I think we’re good singers. Music in school  gets you into lots of different genres and new songs.

Jonah and Alex    year 5




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